Who hasn't heard of the Vacheron Constantin watch manufactory, the oldest in the world with no interruption of activity in over 260 years? State...
Vacheron Constantin Factory in Plan-les-Ouates (GE-CH)

June 18.2020

The Vacheron Constantin watch manufactory is built in the shape of a “V”. Photo: EWZ.

Awarded with the Swiss Solar Prize 2018: optimal integration of the photovoltaic system in the unique architecture of the building.


The building is supplied with renewable energy thanks to 2,000 m² of photovoltaic panels, attesting to the interest of the world’s oldest watch manufacturer in matters of ecology and sustainability.


Perfect alliance between corporate values and design


Who hasn’t heard of the Vacheron Constantin watch manufacturer, the oldest in the world with no interruption of activity in over 260 years? State-of-the-art technology, balanced aesthetics and very high finishing requirements are the fundamental principles of the prestigious brand. This credo is also reflected in the architecture of the new building in Plan-les-Ouates. The building, designed by the famous architect Bernard Tschumi, symbolizes the dynamics of time in its metal envelope and the durability of the brand’s values with its concrete structure.

Photo: ewz
Photo: ewz

A tailor-made photovoltaic solution


EWZ’s integral solution fits perfectly into the architectural concept. The 2000 m² photovoltaic installation supplies the buildings with renewable energy, contributing to the sustainable image of the watch manufacturer. To ensure that the photovoltaic modules could be easily integrated into the architecture, a precisely fitted substructure aligned with the height of the roof was created. Transparent dummy modules were installed above the roof. The skylights underneath provide uniform lighting in the premises, a mandatory condition for the work of the watchmakers and craftsmen of the Vacheron Constantin Maison. This custom made photovoltaic solution was awarded with the 2018 Swiss Solar Prize.

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