Flexibility is the winning card of DOMA FLEX large-area collectors. Available in any shape and size, they can be easily adapted to every need.
DOMA Flex Kromatix™

Facade-integrated DOMA Flex solar thermal collectors with a top layer of Kromatix™. Credits: beat kaempfen ag.

DOMA Solartechnik GmbH

(subsidiary company of Ernst Schweizer AG)

  • Sonnenstrasse 1, 6822 Sattelns, Austria
Technical information
  • Type
    Glazed flat plate collector
  • Efficiency
    82,3 %
  • Absorber/piping
    Aluminum strip absorber with laser-welded copper tube Ø 22 mm
  • Dimensions LxWxh
    Custom made (variable, approx. 1120x3080mm)
  • Gross area
    3.45 m²
  • Frame
    Spruce wood frame 45 x 80 mm
  • Specific weight
    84.7 kg/m²
  • Insulation
    50 mm low-emission mineral wool
  • Stagnation temperature
    170° C
  • Test certificate number
    Solar Keymark 011-7S2877 F
3_Doma Solartechnik hq

In the DOMA Solartechnik Headquarter, the heating and hot water demands are covered exclusively by renewable energy. Blue, grey and gold Kromatix™ covered Doma Flex collectors are used on the facades. Source: swissinso.com.

Kromatix™ Glass sheet
4_kromatix glass sheet

Kromatix™glass is obtained by combining two different surface treatments: a multilayered coating is applied on the inner glass surface and the outer glass surface is treated to prevent glare effects and to reinforce the masking effect of the solar devices technical parts. Learn more: https://www.swissinso.com/technology

Reference buildings
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Apartment building Schwamendingen
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