The 3S solar parapet is tailor-made for the specific balcony. Double-sided photovoltaic modules with active cells on both sides are used to optimise energy production.
3S Solar Parapet

Thanks to the filling rails and ending elements, it is possible to construct parapets of any size. The distances between the modules and other elements are determined according to current standards to ensure the safety of users. Photo: Daniel Baggenstos Photographs.

3S Swiss Solar Solutions
Technical information
  • Nominal power
    L 195 Wp (with 0% rear irradiation, 254 Wp with 30% rear irradiation)
    M 145 Wp (with 0% rear irradiation, 189 Wp with 30% rear irradiation)
  • Dimensions LxW
    L 1385×930 mm
    M 1050×930 mm
  • Module weight
    L 25.2 kg
    M 20.2 kg
  • Cell technology
    Monocrystalline PERC bifacial
  • Front glass type
    Tempered glass, fall-proof
  • Cell transparency
  • Cell color
  • Certifications
    SIA 358 – Parapets
Safety requirements
3S parapet_balcony

The 3S solar parapet complies with the stringent requirements for anti-fall glazing according to DIN 18008-4:2013. As well as the applicable SIA standards. Source: 3S Swiss Solar Solutions.

Electrical connections
3S parapet_facade

The 3S solar parapet has no visible connection elements or cables, which are instead integrated into the bottom rail. This solution provides a handrail without electrical components. Source: 3S Swiss Solar Solutions.

Reference buildings