The intent of the owners was to achieve a synthesis between energy saving, renewable energy production, ecology and health. It was...
PlusEnergy Building in Pedevilla
Minergie-A-ECO retrofit

The intent of the owners was to achieve a synthesis between energy saving, renewable energy production, ecology and health. It was therefore decided to undertake renovation in accordance with the requirements of the Minergie-A-ECO energy standard. The most striking feature is an integrated photovoltaic system on the entire roof surface. This installation produces more than the energy the house needs for its annual energy balance. Therefore an energy community was created, along with their neighbours, with the aim of increasing self-consumption.

Architectural plan of the first floor.

The retrofit was intended not to alter the appearance of the building.

Southern view of the building. The old pitched roof was replaced with a new one completely covered with photovoltaic tiles.

Building characteristics
  • Building typology
  • Construction type
  • Year of construction
    1910, retrofit 2022
  • Energy reference surface
    289 m²
  • Energy index
    29.4 kWh/m²yr (heating and electricity)
  • Energy labelling
Active solar surface 129.6 m²
Active solar surface ratio 100%
Peak power 26.3 kWp
Building skin application Full roof solution
Storage Via electric car charging station 77 kWh (battery VW ID Buzz)
Energy production
Source: annual production 2022
Source: self-consumption throughout 2022
Building skin
  • Application
    PV cladding integrated in a pitched roof
  • Description
    Pitched timber roof insulated with 24 cm of mineral wool
  • U value
    0.18 W/m²K
  • Fastening system
    Continuous fixing system (aluminium tracks)

The assembly solution applied is one that allows the integration of frameless photovoltaic modules into the roof pitch.

  • Application
    Perimetral insulation, plastered
  • Description
    Natural stone walls with an external layer of 14 cm of mineral wool
  • U value
    0.19 W/m²K
  • Fastening system

The thickness of the insulating coat was taken advantage of for the laying of the tubing for the controlled ventilation system.

The installation of a thermal insulation layer greatly improves the energy performance of the building envelope.

  • Application
    Windows with shutters
  • Description
    Triple glazing with aluminum-wooden frame
  • U value
    0.88 W/m²K
  • g value

The installation of the external insulation layer alters the thickness of the external reveal in relation to the window.

East facade.

BIPV module
  • Product
    Arres 3.0 Premium Modul
  • Manufacturer
    Arres Solarmarkt GmbH
  • Cell technology
  • Front glass type/customization
    4 mm thermally tempered and profiled glass
  • Cell colour
  • Dimensions
    1060×1691 mm
  • Nominal power
    325 Wp
  • Specific power
    180 Wp/m²
  • Weight
    22.6 kg
  • Specific weight
    12.6 kg/m²
Technical details

For the photovoltaic installation on the roof, it was decided to choose an integrated solution that would give the roof pitch an architectural unity and that, in addition to the black modules, would supply elements to complete the surface for parts such as the perimeter strips or the areas around the chimneys. The entire roof is framed by a sheet of light grey matt stainless steel.

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  • Total cost of retrofit
    437.000 CHF
  • Price per m³  
    470 CHF/m³

The building is located in the Pedevilla neighbourhood, one of the oldest in Bellinzona, and overlooks two of the three castles.

Parties involved
  • Owner
    Alberto Conelli & Chiara Conelli Sini
  • Architect
    Massimo Mobiglia
  • Photovoltaic Installer
    IngEne Sagl
  • Photo
    Massimo Mobiglia, Gianpiero Pampuri
Awards and recognitions