The REHOUSE project (full name: Renovation packagEs for HOlistic improvement of EU’s...
New European Project REHOUSE

6 February 2023

An aerial view of the town of Margherita di Savoia (Puglia, Italy). The property is located in Via Sancta Maria de Salinis no. 8 and was chosen as one of the REHOUSE project’s demo-sites. A number of interventions aimed towards energy saving and to the use of carbon neutral technologies will be implemented. Photo: italia.hotels.

The current EU building stock is responsible for over one third of EU emissions. Over 75% of the EU building stock is energy-inefficient and the very low annual renovation rate of 1% depicts the urgency to address this problem. The EU Green Deal principles illustrate improving the efficiency of renovation projects and is a top priority, emphasizing the need of deep renovations that achieve over 60% reduction in energy consumption.


The REHOUSE project (full name: Renovation packagEs for the HOlistic improvement of EU’s bUildingS Efficiency, maximizing RES generation and cost-effectiveness) is financed by European Commission’s Research and Innovation Programme Horizon. The main result of REHOUSE is the increase in the scope and productivity of the renovation process, the improvement of comfort and satisfaction of the building inhabitants and users, and the increased use of integrated solutions for the decentralized generation of renewable energy.


Over the course of the next 4 years the project will develop 8 innovative and holistic solutions for efficient, cost-effective and sustainable renovation processes. The solutions would be deployed across 4 selected buildings in Greece, Italy, France, and Hungary respectively. This will include detailed designs, pilot set-up and demonstrations to validate the solutions. If proven successful, the renovation solutions can be introduced to the market, implemented in large scale and eventually contribute to speeding up the current renovation rate.


In addition, REHOUSE will:


  • augment the uptake of industrialized technology solutions;
  • support the digitization of the construction industry;
  • apply circular principles across the whole value chain;
  • introduce the use of safe, sustainable, and secondary raw material in the industry;
  • attain recycling, reuse, and efficient waste management in the field of renovation.
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