The whole building envelope has a homogeneous appearance thanks to glass elements used as cladding and tiles. Both the facade and the roof are fully covered with photovoltaic elements where the front layer is a laser printed brown glass which hides mono-crystalline silicon cells. The PV cells hidden by the front glass which reduce the electricity production by about 39%. These modules have been specifically developed for this project.

  • Wohnhaus Solaris

    huggenbergfries Architekten AG

  • Copenaghen International School

    C.F. Møller Architects

  • Multi-family House in Zwirnerstrasse

    René Schmid Architekten AG

  • Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Centre

    Renzo Piano Building Workshop

  • Multi-family House in Brütten

    René Schmid Architekten AG

  • House on the Mountain

    Juri Troy Architects

  • SwissTech Convention Centre

    Richter Dahl Rocha & Associés

  • New Tracuit Hut

    Savioz Fabrizzi Architects

  • Flumroc Headquarter

    Viriden+Partner AG

  • + E Kita Marburg

    Opus Architekten

  • Plus Energy Multi-family House

    TUOR Baumanagement AG

  • Casa Solara

    Giovanni Cerfeda

  • Umwelt Arena

    René Schmid Architekten AG

  • Werkhof Mels

    Brunhart Brunner Kranz Architekten

  • Hofberg 6/7

    Fent Solare Architektur

  • Positive Energy House

    Luedi Architekten

  • Heizplan Solar Park

    atm3, Werner Vetsch

  • El Centre del Mon

    L35 Architects

  • 3M Italia Headquarters

    MCA (Mario Cucinella Architects)

  • Monte Rosa Hut

    ETH Studio

  • Logistic Centre V-Zug

    Betrix & Consolascio Architekten AG

  • Riedel Recycling

    Sputnik Engineering AG

  • Lauper Pilot Installation

    Solaire Suisse SA

  • Schiestlhaus

    ARGE pos architekten and Treberspurg & Partner Architekten

  • Schmölzer House

    Reto Miloni

  • Eco-Hotel Cristallina

    Michele e Francesco Bardelli

  • House in Dintikon

    Setz Architektur

  • Lerther Railway Station

    Gerkan Marg & Partners

  • Tourism Office

    Jean-Francoise Rougé

  • Sunny Woods

    Beat Kämpfen

  • Kraftwerk1 Hardturm

    Stücheli Architekten AG

  • Eden Project

    N. Grimshaw

  • Fire Station in Houten

    Samyn & Partners

  • Mont-Cenis Academy

    Jourda e Perraudin

  • High School in Stadelhofen

    Stemmle Architekten

  • Pompeu Fabra Library

    Miguel Brullet i Tenas

  • BP Solar Showcase

    Arup+Ove Arup & Partners

  • UBS Building

    Sam architekten + Partner AG, D. Schnebli, T. Ammann, S. Menz

  • FEAT Building

    Claudio lo Riso

  • E.F.I. (Energie Forum Innovation)

    Frank O. Gehry & Partners

  • Reichstag building

    Sir Norman Foster & Partners

  • Wohnanlage Richter

    Thomas Herzog & Bernhard Schilling