Brunner-Bapst House
Lord Norman Foster
``The Brunner-Bapst House is not only extremely impressive in terms of its solar performance but architecturally has been well crafted and elegantly simple in appearance — a great combination and worthy winner of the Solar Award.``
Plus Energy Building

In 2019, the Brunner-Bapst family built a PlusEnergie single-family home with the highest self-energy supply of all Swiss solar prices to date. The generous, east-west oriented gable roof protects against wind and weather and produces 40,200 kWh per year, an energy surplus of 817%.
With its clean lines, large glass facades and wooden materials, this new house blends in well with the picturesque landscape. The PV installation, which covers the entire roof, adopts a modern design, which is designed to resemble homogeneous coloured scales.

Longitudinal section.

The house’s appearance is in keeping with the townscape and also blends in with the picturesque landscape.

The roof and glass facades render this discrete PEB both understated and eye-catching.

Building characteristics
  • Building typology
  • Construction type
  • Year of construction
  • Energy reference surface
    148.5 m²
  • Energy index
    33.1 kWh/m²yr (heating and electricity)
  • Energy labelling
Active solar surface 270m²
Active solar surface ratio >75%
Peak power 48 kWp
Building skin application Solar tiles
Energy production
Source: Repower
Building skin
  • Application
    Solar tiles integrated in a pitched roof
  • Description
    Wooden gable roof insulated with 36 cm of mineral wool
  • U value
    0.10 W/m²K
  • Fastening system
    The support hooks are screwed to the roof batten. The sealing rails are hooked in and then the solar modules are installed using an assembly method. Subsequent dismantling is possible without restriction.
  • Other

The two roof pitches are entirely covered with photovoltaic tiles. The ridge is covered with a ridge cap in copper. Photo source: Bearth & Deplazes Architekten AG.

  • Application
  • Description
    Timber framed wall with 16 cm insulation layer
  • U value
    0.16 W/m²K
  • Fastening system
  • Other
  • Application
  • Description
    Triple glazing with wooden frame
  • U value
    0.90 W/m²K
  • g value

The building is made of wood and glass.

The roof is detailed with copper elements. Photo source: Solpic AG.

BIPV module
  • Product
    Megasol M330-60-b GG LEVEL
  • Manufacturer
    Megasol Energie AG
  • Cell technology
  • Cell colour
  • Front glass type/customization
    3.2mm high-transmission, tempered/toughened, nano-finished, antireflective glass
  • Dimensions
    1700×1016 mm (modular dimensions)
  • Nominal power
    310 Wp
  • Specific power
    179 Wp/m²
  • Weight
    32.6 kg
  • Specific weight
    18.9 kg/m²
Technical details

The wooden gable roof construction of this new building is covered by a PV installation over its entire surface. Between the copper ridge and eaves details, the homogeneously black PV modules run through the roof surfaces. This creates an appearance that is in keeping with the townscape and also blends in with the picturesque landscape.

Hotspot image
Vertical section – Ridge connection
Hotspot image
  • Total cost of the building
  • Price per m³  

The PV roof features a total of 3 rows of snow stoppers as it is located at about 1000m above sea level and it is exposed to the wind beside having high snow loads.

Parties involved
  • Owner
    Arnold Brunner & Ursula Bapst Brunner
  • Architect
    Bearth & Deplazes Architekten AG
    Bearth Deplazes Ladner
  • Photovoltaic Installer
    Solpic AG
  • Carpenter
    Bearth lenn SA
  • Photo
    Schweizer Solarpreis 2020
Awards and recognitions
  • Awards
    Norman Foster Solar Award 2020
  • Publications
    Holzbauten räumen dieses Jahr einmal mehr Solarpreise ab – Lignum Holzwirtschaft Schweiz of 26.10.2020

    Eigenheim oder Strand? – Hochparterrre of 30.10.2020