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Amorphous silicon PV glass panes cover a total area of more than 5.500 square meters to create the largest PV skylight in the USA.
This project in Urdorf, without electricity and heating costs for tenants, still offers plenty of comfort.
The new company headquarters of the WWZ Group between Zug and Stam offers function and efficiency.
The image was reproduced through Solar Visuals rasterization and coloring method.
The old roof covered with slabs containing asbestos was replaced with an integrated PV roofing system.
Built in 1901 in a squared-off pattern, the four-storey residential building is located in the conservation zone in district 4, close to the centre of Zurich.
This Minergie-A-certified timber construction with a facade and roof integrated PV system combines energy and design requirements.
Perfectly integrated into the roof, the 97 kW PV installation blends in perfectly with the the protected site.
The project Kloten-Milano provides a home for various forms of living. It redefines living together and creates diverse meeting zones for the residents.
This project by René Schmid Architekten AG was built in the centre of Kloten, Switzerland geared towards a future-oriented way of life.
The Novartis Pavillon, a new exhibition, meeting and event centre located on the Novartis Campus, was designed by AMDL CIRCLE and Michele De Lucchi...
The photovoltaic system, which is tailored specifically to the house, supplies the property with the energy it needs.