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The new campus of Franklin University is characterized by two distinct architectonic blocks, with...
The building is located in the village of Jenins, three wings enclose the new centre of the winery which are topped with an integrated PV roof.
The south-facing slope of almost 400 sqm is 60% clad with Eternit Sunskin Roof photovoltaic modules. The bottom four rows incorporate incorporate hybrid panels (PVT) that...
The intent of the owners was to achieve a synthesis between energy saving, renewable energy production, ecology and health. It was...
The building capitalizes on the steep slope of the land to be set up on two levels. The lower level is oriented towards the street with the public entrance and the school restaurant...
Thanks to the optimal insulation, in combination with the PV installations, a self-production of 157% is achieved in winter.
Amorphous silicon PV glass panes cover a total area of more than 5.500 square meters to create the largest PV skylight in the USA.
This project in Urdorf, without electricity and heating costs for tenants, still offers plenty of comfort.
The new company headquarters of the WWZ Group between Zug and Stam offers function and efficiency.
The image was reproduced through Solar Visuals rasterization and coloring method.
The old roof covered with slabs containing asbestos was replaced with an integrated PV roofing system.
Built in 1901 in a squared-off pattern, the four-storey residential building is located in the conservation zone in district 4, close to the centre of Zurich.
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