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The newly realised multi-generation house is the first integrated photovoltaic facade on a residential building in Davos, the building envelope combines modern timber construction with solar energy.
This Plus Energy Building is located in a local heritage protection zone. The owners were thus adamant about integrating the PV installation into the landscape.
This small compact building, housing two flats, is characterised by the use of wood and a very low energy demand.
This new residential building designed and built in Stabio has received Minergie P-ECO / SNBS certification, and a commendation at the Active House Awards 2022. It is...
With its rounded roof, this historic school building required a well-designed photovoltaic solution covering the entire surface and compatible with heritage protection.
OWP 12 towers like a monolith over the A 831 just outside Stuttgart. The new office building of Drees&Sommer is equipped with a high-performance BIPV facade.
With its new dark green photovoltaic facade, this residential building has become the zoo's visible energy centre.
Above the house fondation in concrete lays the wooden frame structure of the house. The ground floor is clad in cork while the first floor and pitched roof are both covered in anthracite standing seam metal.
In November 2022, the 40-year-old roof had to be renewed. The pitched roof has a west-east orientation.
This solar facade consists of metal frames aligned towards the sun, for which the solar modules have been specifically customized.
The nearly 400 m² roof of this 17th-century historical building was fitted with a perfectly integrated photovoltaic installation.
The balconies are fitted with a railing made of photovoltaic modules which create an homogeneous and non-reflective PV parapet.