With its homogeneous surface and the barely visible vertical busbars, the frameless TeraSlate solar module meets the highest aesthetic requirements.
3S Solar roof TeraSlate®

The technological advance of the TeraSlate solar module is based on the world’s largest solar cell G12 at present. The cell offers more power in the same area. By using more busbars, electrical conductors on the cell, the current per conductor is reduced, reducing internal losses. In addition, half cells are used, halving the current, which has a positive effect on internal losses. Photo: 3S Swiss Solar Solutions AG.

3S Swiss Solar Solutions AG
Technical information
  • Nominal power
    L — 225 Wp
    Q — 165 Wp
    M — 150 Wp
    S  — 110 Wp
  • Dimensions LxWxh
    L — 1300x935x6.5 mm
    Q — 1300x720x6.5 mm
    M — 875x935x6.5 mm
    S — 875x720x6.5 mm
  • Module weight
    L — 17.7 kg
    Q — 13.3 kg
    M — 11.8 kg
    S — 9.1 kg
  • Cell technology
    Monocrystalline half cell G12 PERC
  • Front glass type
    5 mm tempered glass
  • Cell color
  • Certifications
    IEC 61730:2016; IEC 61215:2021
Reference buildings
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Umwelt Arena
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Kindergarten in Einigen
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