A variety of solar buildings has already been built and the possibility to...

February 10.2020

Solar Architecture – Now and for the Future.

Solar architecture as a design opportunity


A variety of solar buildings has already been built and the possibility to integrate solar energy into a building should, from now on, be evaluated in every new project facing climate change. Solar energy offers mature technologies but their integration into the building envelope can be further shaped and developed by adopting visions from innovative architects. These are the main messages of the publication «Solar Architecture – Now and for the Future» which is now also available in English.


In 2019 SwissEnergy, a program from the Swiss Federal Office of Energy (SFOE), published a brochure specifically addressed to architects. The brochure was elaborated through a collaboration between CREnergie GmbH, BS2 AG and Swissolar, the professional organisation of the Swiss solar industry.


With many interesting examples, an appealing layout, numerous graphics and photos, the publication offers a comprehensive and up-to-date overview in which building-integrated photovoltaics plays the leading role.


The publication also provides an introduction to the factors that most influence a project such as architectural design, energy efficiency, economical and environmental considerations.


The English publication can be downloaded here.

The publication is also available in German, French and Italian as a print or pdf-version and can be ordered here.