The course offers a training experience, within the real and operational context of real...
Experiential course « Swiss-solarchitecTOUR »

September to November 2022

Changing colour at the building corner, there is no indication that this facade also produces electricity. This building will be the subject of the on-site visit on 7 October 2022. Photo: Peter Schäublin, ©Ernst Schweizer AG.

SUPSI and the Swiss BiPV Competence Centre within the Institute of Applied Sustainability to the Built Environment (ISAAC) are pleased to invite you to participate in a new experiential course format: the continuing education course « Swiss-solarchitecTOUR”.


This experiential course is aimed at professionals working in the construction sector, through a new format based on « on-site training ». The course offers a training experience, within the real and operational context of tangible implementations and concrete examples of pilot buildings with integrated photovoltaics (BIPV), offering knowledge transfer and active involvement of the participants. Through direct contact with a network of sector experts, industry and other professionals, experiential learning can help increase the knowledge of the process, technologies and the technical-economic feasibility aspects of solar buildings.


« Swiss-solarchitecTOUR » seeks to foster experiential learning and strengthen interdisciplinary skills through direct contact with a network of experts, workshops, professionals and companies in the sector, and by the active involvement of the participants with moments of interaction and « action-learning ».


The course consists of five training days: an introductory module, 3 study days with guided tours of best-practice BIPV solar buildings and a final module which will be an on-site workshop at a company in the photovoltaic industry.


For more information and to register: « Swiss-solarchitecTOUR » Edition 1 .

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