The Catholic Church of St. Francis in Ebmatingen (ZH) received the 2019...

November 26.2019

The European Solar Award 2019 goes to the St. Francis Church in Ebmatingen

The Catholic Church of St. Francis in Ebmatingen (ZH) Switzerland received the 2019 European Solar Award on 15th November.


Built in 1989, the religious building has undergone a total refurbishment costing 1.2 million francs, which has made it exemplary in terms of both ecology (zero emissions) and energy efficiency. The oil-fired heating system, which used 7,000 litres a year and released 21 tonnes of CO2, was discontinued and the annual energy requirement of 84,400 kWh was reduced to 54,700 kWh thanks to a better roof insulation, a solar-powered geothermal heat pump heating, LED lighting and 161 square metres of photovoltaic modules. The photovoltaic installation provides 78,900 kWh/year, so that the church finds itself producing much more energy than it consumes.


Watch a Swiss news report (in Italian). (RSI News, 15th November 2019)