The new "Le Corbet" wine hangar of the Caves du Château d'Auvernier (NE) was completed in June 2018. The owner...

6th November 2019

Swiss Solar Prize 2019 for Les Caves du Château d’Auvernier

The new « Le Corbet » wine hangar of the Caves du Château d’Auvernier (NE) was completed in June 2018. The owner, Thierry Grosjean, opted for a terracotta coloured PV installation due to strict construction requirements, as the building is located in a protected area. Indeed the new wine hangar is situated in an exceptional location at the foot of the Château d’Auvernier being surrounded by Neuchâtel vineyards.

The challenge of this project was to integrate this buiding into the existing environment by respecting the constraints related to heritage conservation, while offering an efficient and aesthetically effective solution.

The roof is composed of 266 monocrystalline modules with a power of 90 W each for a total energy production of 23,500 kWh, this roof covers about 30% of the annual electricity consumption of the Château d’Auvernier and, with is terracotta appearance, fits perfectly into this protected site.

The PV modules were developed by the Swiss Centre for Electronics and of Microtechnology (CSEM) in Neuchâtel in collaboration with the company ISSOL Switzerland SA.  Gottburg AG was tasked with the construction of the photovoltaic roof.