The integration of photovoltaic modules with laminated safety glass technology allows a unique...
Ertex Solar VSG Laminated safety glass module

The facade cladding is made of customizable ertex PV modules. Credits: hbf Architekten AG

Ertex solartechnik GmbH
  • Peter Mitterhofer Strasse 4,
    3300 Amstetten, Austria
Technical information
  • Specific power
    About 116 Wp/m²
  • Dimensions LxWxh
    Custom made
  • Specific weight
    40 kg/m²
  • Cell technology
  • Front glass type/customization
    Digital ceramic print on glass/glass BIPV modules.
    The reddish brown colour is given by the front glass
  • Cell transparency
  • Cell color
  • Encapsulant
  • Certifications
    EN 61215 and EN 61730
Custom made Ertex BIPV module
23_custom made ertex bipv module

The PV cells occultation by the front glass reduce the electricity production by about 39%. Credits: SUPSI

Laminated safety glass module layers
3_laminated safety glass

Stratigraphy of the laminated safety glass PV module. Credits: Ertex Solar

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Solaris 416
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