These laminated safety glass ISO modules have and adjustable light trasmission and can be combined with facade systems.
Ertex Solar 17 VSG-ISO
Laminated safety/insulating glass module

The features of this module are impressive with a maximum size of 2,988 x 3,911 m and a corresponding power per module up to 1,246 kWp. Credits: Sunways AG.

Ertex solartechnik GmbH
  • Peter Mitterhofer Strasse 4, 3300 Amstetten, Austria
Technical information
  • Nominal power
    1246 Wp
  • Specific power
    107 Wp/m²
  • Dimensions LxWxH
    max 2988×3911 mm
  • Module weight
    1014 kg
  • Specific weight
    87 kg/m²
  • Cell technology
  • Front glass type/customization
    Glass-on-glass module technology
  • Cell transparency
    About 22%
  • Encapsulant
  • Certifications
    EN 61215 and EN 61730
Photovoltaic skylights
23_roof and facade

17 VSG ISO modules are suitable also for the installation as skylights. Credits: Ertex Solar.

Laminated safety glass ISO module layers
4_Laminated safety glass ISO module

Stratigraphy of the triple insulated laminated safety glass PV modules. Source: Ertex Solar.

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