October 27.2021

The largest BIPV facade in Ticino – interviews round 1/2

Video interviews with the architect who supervised the Polis project and three SUPSI researchers


The interviewees speak Italian, while English subtitles are available.


This project in Pregassona is the public building (status: October 2021) with the largest facade-integrated photovoltaic system in Ticino, having an installed capacity of about 170 kWp, corresponding to a surface area of over 1,600 square metres.


During the solar building excursion organised by Swissolar and which took place on the 24th of September 2021, we collected some insights from the architect responsible for the project at Studio Mario Campi SA and three SUPSI researchers who have followed, and will continue to follow the facade installation as part of the VersoEST project partially supported by the FER (Renewable Energy Fund of the Canton of Ticino).