The superstructure in Urdorf is intended to be nothing less than a "national project of the future". This sustainable building with...
The housing of the future is being built in Urdorf (ZH)

Thursday 23 June.2022

The superstructure in Urdorf is intended to be nothing less than a “national project of the future”. This is what it says on the flyer for the project of the developer, the Umwelt Arena Foundation: CO2-neutral, efficiency-optimised, without electricity and heating costs for the tenants. Source: Sunage SA.

The “Bauen 2050” project in Urdorf will soon be completed. The residential building with 39 flats is CO2-neutral, efficiency-optimised, self-sufficient by means of sector coupling (electricity/gas), has no electricity and heating costs for the tenants, and still offers a higher level of comfort. Another flagship project of the Swiss Umwelt Arena Foundation.


The project, located in Urdorf (Im Kessler 5/7/9) will be presented to the public on Thursday the 23rd of June 2022. It is a national lighthouse project, supported in the media by the Swiss Federal Office of Energy SFOE. This sustainable building with its intelligent energy system, Hybridbox®, efficient storage and building technology, as well as efficient appliances, demonstrates, among other things, a possible solution for countering the winter electricity shortfall.


The photovoltaic systems are installed on the facade, on the flat roof and on the entrance to the underground garage. They supply the tenants with electricity. What they don’t need goes into an electric storage tank in the basement. The surplus is converted into gas and fed into the grid, and in winter it is brought back again to generate (or have) electricity and heat from the gas using a hybrid box. So the house produces all the energy itself.




9:45 Reception
10:00 – 11:30 Presentations

  • Walter Schmid, president of the Umwelt Arena Fondation
    “Energy efficiency as the key to success”
  • Roland Zwingli, Hybridbox AG
    “Forward-looking energy system”
  • René Schmid, architect
    “Harvesting solar energy in buildings”
  • Dr. Jörg Wild, CEO Energie 360° AG
    “Production, storage and extraction of renewable gases”
  • Prof. Armin Eberle, Head of the Institute for Sustainable Development of ZHAW
    “The powerhouse 2050 from a sustainability perspective”
  • Robert Minovsky, Head of the Technology sector, Minergie Schweiz
    “MinergiWe® plus 3 winners”
11:30 – 13:30 Guided tours in groups / in parallel offered aperò
11:30 End of the event
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